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Finding the right photographer for your Wedding Day is as important as finding the right dress, right suit, beautiful church or perfect place for your wedding reception. My goal is to catch the beauty of all that aspects your wedding, every tiny detail, the elegance of your costumes, the solemn atmosphere during the vow and the great, joyful character of your wedding reception. My aim is to show this dearest, special moments in the most full and beautiful way possible….so every time when you take the photographs into your hands the emotions of this day will come back to you.

Getting Ready /wedding photography Piotrkow Tryb.

When you decide to allow me to be a part of your wedding preparation, the collection of your wedding photos will earn additional value. I will photo document all these hours of preparations starting from bride hairdresser visit, makeup artist and ending with the bride & groom first meeting. It is good to remember that the emotions of that day are not the only ones in the church during the vow...

Wedding Ceremony /wedding photography Piotrkow

Ceremonia Ślubu

Photographing tthe wedding ceremony is the most important thing to the photographer. During the marital oath we all can witness the most beautiful and touching emotional moments. Those appealing emotions can be especially seen on bride and groom faces but also on their parents' faces and close friends. One of the most beautiful photos are the ones from the church.

Reception /wedding photography Piotrkow Trybunalski


Photographing a wedding reception, dancing and joyful guests with all kinds of colorful lights and blinks in the background is the pure pleasure for the photographer. The possibility of catching the gestures and the emotions on guests' faces is the favorite challenge for each photographer. My goal is to freeze all that emotions in the frame, so every time when you take the photographs into your hand - all the emotions of that day will come back to you.

Outdoor Session /wedding photographer Piotrkow

Outdoor session, sometimes is shot on wedding day, but more often few days after the wedding (at least in Poland). Having the photo shoot after the weeding day has one main advantage - less stress. Photographs from the outdoor session are one of the favorites for bride and groom. That is because of the possibility of choose a location, which might be a park with colorful fall leaves, or the beautifully located lake. Sometimes couples chose a photo shot at the Old Market or even at the airport. The list of locations is only limited by imagination of photographer and the couple. Usually I propose some of the best location in the vicinity but the couple has the last word and make the final decision. It could be classic or funny photo session - it all depends on you!

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